This May Be the Best Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Ever

If you are lookin at this, it is probable you have heard there are ways to attract online leads to you, but you are not sure how to begin. Have you seen Mike Dillard’s seven-day bootcamp series? You may have read an alternative Magnetic Sponsoring review that did not encourage you of its merit. Well, friend… you are in the right space. I review the chief book topics, the main points, and the strategies that Mike Dillard discusses. Let us jump right in to the Magnetic Sponsoring review.

First, let us ask, “What is Magnetic Sponsoring?” Is it a book? Is it a system?

Well, it is both. Magnetic Sponsoring is the book by Mike Dillard that behaves as a pathway into his Magnetic Sponsoring attraction marketing system. We will review the book primarily. Then we will tackle the system.

The book has ten chapters touching on the Psychology of Attraction, the Insight on Personal Development, and Marketing.

If you do not know what attraction marketing is, or you are brand new to the idea, the Magnetic Sponsoring book will give you a very good clarification, honing in on the correlation origins of leaders (Alphas) and followers (Betas). – the foundation for Attraction marketing principles.

Mike relates attraction to the primitive human psychology that being attractive is not a choice, but based on survival instincts. It is a symbiotic relationship on a primitive level. A leader grants security and guidance to a group. In exchange they follow the leader. As a result, if the leader improves his value to others, the further they will search for the leader.

Suffice to say, if you desire to be a leader, you should continuously up your own worth and know-how to others so that they will follow you.

Mike will reason that folks do not join a company. Folks join YOU. They are looking for resolutions to their dilemnas, which happen to be the identical 2 across the board for the majority network marketers: lack of leads and lack of cash flow before the oh-so-sought after residual revenue kicks in. As a result, Mike trumpets that the distributor needs to be promoting a “how to” marketing system to new distributors, and then let the system promote the company products. Now this will challenge what nearly all distibutors are taught by their companies, which is to sell your principal business directly, which might also be why you notice such racket in the network marketing community among the numerous old-school marketers who have built their business with the traditional ways.

One chapter of the book overviews the crafting of an MLM franchise. We see how the three-part business model works with the 5 franchise parts to construct leads and money for the network marketer. And joined with a newsletter and funded proposal, a distributor is able to brand himself as a leader and create cash flow. In layman’s terms… the distributor ought to promote his system to help others accomplish their goals. This in turn will bring in cash flow for the network marketer, and at the same time position him as a problem solver… or leader.

The book is exploding with so many useful tips on how to set up elite email campaigns, attract targeted leads, and how to make money off of those leads. It’s no wonder that so many flourishing network marketers have embraced it as their industry course book.

Mike introduces his personal Magnetic Sponsoring system to the reader with an open membership included with the book purchase. This is a material illustration of the attraction marketing tactics he just disclosed. A distributor would be prudent to review the back office and structure of the system and sales funnel. But be forewarned. You will not develop your own list utilizing the Magnetic Sponsoring system. Throughout the book, Mike alludes to creating a list of followers, but never directly states that you want to build YOUR OWN list. You may produce worthy leads within his system, but remember they build his list and belong to him if you depart.

This still does not take away from the principles taught. And other systems have addressed the want to build your own list. Remarkably well in fact. You can glimpse at mine.

So, I feel we have solidified that the tactics in Magnetic Sponsoring can work in your business. Nearly all successful businesses and people in every industry use the attraction marketing principles, and network marketing should be no different. The heavy hitters within the network marketing industry apply them fully. Just look at the MLM empire Mike Dillard has created for himself. And a growing number of his pupils are doing the same. So, in this review I will reiterate that, yes, the information in this book will certainly work for you if you apply it.