Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Why You Should Read Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring EBook!

This is a Simple Magnetic Sponsoring Review

I will not have anything fancy for you here, just a plain simple review from a long time user of all of Mike Dillard’s and the overall Magnetic Sponsoring group of products. I own almost all of them and I just go over them quite often as I always get something new out of them…

First and foremost, what is MS not about:

Irritating family, friends, existing or previous colleagues or friends, or people you might meet in the grocery store regarding your business opportunity.
Go around distributing fliers, wearing MLM buttons, or doing specific regional marketing sales pitch.
Investing large amounts of money to buy contact information of crappy leads from lead programs.
Starting This Magnetic Sponsoring Review with Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard is the creator of multiple courses and trainings including the world-renown Magnetic Sponsoring training and marketing system we are talking about here. He is known to be an exceptionally respected and talented network marketer with his impressive success to prove it. It is important to note that Mike’s training is somewhat unusual from what you may have learned from conventional MLM marketing methods, yet it is a very powerful method in our current Internet driven age.

Hard to believe, but expert Mike Dillard tried and tested all the conventional methods mentioned above and drew the same conclusions as most people do now:

Old School marketing is not as effective and successful as it once was.

This persuaded Mike to search for a more effective way to find success with MLM marketing and increasing profits. He did put his testing cap on, developed, launched and tested various MLM marketing systems and strategies. He tweaked it until he finally got the right system. Mike then generated thousands upon thousands of leads who he trained to do the same using the system. In doing so, he started to rise to one of the top earner in his MLM company and is known to be one of the top earners in the entire MLM industry today.

How Did Mike Achieved Those Results?

The most important thing I wanted to cover in this Magnetic Sponsoring review is that the Magnetic Sponsoring training and system, unlike conventional MLM marketing methods, focuses on people who are already interested in joining a MLM business and it is not about harassing everyone you come in contact with.

One aspect of Magnetic Sponsoring is that you are taught how to use the provided MLM marketing system that promotes YOU as a brand and draws interest to join you, not “another rep” that has nothing different to offer. The basic foundation is to reverse the initial principle of traditional Network Marketing methods. The methods used here can be applied to both online and offline.

The opportunities available online are, by far, exceeding the offline possibilities (although you should not discard them completely). In addition, the online marketing opportunities are much more cost-effective and have more efficient lead generation abilities than the typical offline techniques.

How Does Magnetic Sponsoring Work as a Lead Generation System?

Apart from the eye-opening knowledge you receive from the video training and the information-packed report, it can also work as a unique lead generation and management system. By simply buying the training, you automatically get access to the fully integrated sponsoring system and you become an immediate affiliate for all of Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring products. This will allow not only to recommend the training to others but if they purchase any other product, you will be able to create a significant front end cashflow that can sustain your other marketing efforts.

Most of the leads you will get will come through the free 7-day Video MLM marketing boot camp. All they need to do is to enter their best email address, name and telephone number to be able to watch the free, content-rich videos training.

When you get a lead, you have to make a connection with them. There are various ways to connect with these people and really find out how you and the Magnetic Sponsoring training and system can help them: You can either contact them in person on the phone (best), connect with them on Facebook (good) or through email marketing using your autoresponder (fine).