Magnetic Sponsoring Review – Can You Indeed Recruit Representatives On Autopilot?

Considering you’ve landed on this Magnetic Sponsoring Review, you have probably been introduced to Mike Dillard’s infamous ebook: Magnetic Sponsoring and are pondering whether it is in reality worth the money, or if it’s simply a bunch of hype. My intention here is to provide you a brief inside peek at the information you will find within the fifty-six+ pages of this best-selling book so that you can decide for yourself if it will be worth your money.

I’d first like to discuss what Magnetic Sponsoring is NOT…

The tactics taught in this book do not involve pestering friends, co-workers, family, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends & everything else with a pulse about your network marketing opportunity. The training in this eBook do not comprise of going to Monday & Wednesday motel meetings, or having home parties. And, they do not involve doing any other kind of ‘un-targeted’ promotion such as cold-calling, mail-outs or flyers.

The premise behind Magnetic Sponsoring is in fact totally the opposite: to sponsor individuals inside your network marketing opportunity without the refusal involved with the above strategies. The idea is get people to come to you, via a routine called funded proposal. Funded proposal is wherein you market something other than your multi-level marketing opportunity on the front end, such as training or guidance that folks are looking for. The sales from the education funds your business, so that you do not need to worry about going broke trying to hatch your operation before you earn any money.

Mike started Magnetic Sponsoring as a way of recruiting folks into his own network marketing opportunity (back when he was still sponsoring). When it was first developed, distributors who were not involved in Mike’s business did not have the ability to promote the product, making it all the more exclusive. The eBook used to be 40 or so pages longer, but those pages have since been removed as they did they job of promoting Mike Dillard’s primary network marketing firm and sponsoring into his organization. It was the things taught in Magnetic Sponsoring that allowed Mike Dillard to actually go from waiting tables at P.F Changs to becoming a multi-level marketing celebrity & multi-millionaire within a matter of months.

In the ebook, Mike teaches precisely through what medium you can follow his lead and bring to pass amazing outcome in your own multi-level marketing opportunity. You will get wind of the multi-million dollar roadmap – the same roadmap Mike himself traveled to build his empire to where it is today. The only disadvantage, in my magnetic sponsoring review is the fact that you will simply get the facts. There are no actual team building tools that come with it. You do not get anything “set up” and ready to go for you to in fact start marketing your business. You get the training, but everything else – the application of it is left entirely up to you.