Impartial DVD Reviews Are a Must

Whether you’re an avid film fan, a casual movie goer or if you’re more into your television dramas, you’ve probably purchased a DVD at some stage of your life. Some people like to buy DVDs of their favourite actors, follow the careers of their favourite directors, or just to buy films from their favourite genres. However, when you buy a DVD there’s nothing worse than being disappointed with your purchase. With DVDs becoming so cheap these days, possibly due in part to the advent of Blu-Ray, it’s more common to pick up a cheap DVD with your shopping without having done any research into the film itself – meaning the chances of you being disappointed with the product are much higher.

Thanks to this, many DVD fans like to seek out DVD reviews to find out what titles are worth buying, and which ones are best left on the shelves. There are many film and DVD magazines offering reviews of the latest titles, but what many home entertainment fans fail to realise is that a great many of these publications feature sponsored reviews. What appears to be an unbiased, impartial DVD review is in fact a paid review that talks up the DVD, its picture and sound quality and the extensiveness of the special features in order to increase sales. The production companies and distributers are known for paying for positive reviews from DVD reviews magazines, paying for cover shots and paying for additional coverage. When you believe you’re reading an impartial review, what you’re really reading is an advertorial geared towards getting you to buy the product.

You may think that the online world is more impartial, with DVD reviews websites less likely to feature paid reviews than DVD magazines; however you would be wrong. Many of the main film and DVD website also feature paid reviews, offering additional coverage and editorial to companies that pay for it.

You could argue that this isn’t really an issue, because the magazines and websites have to earn a living and featuring paid-for reviews is one way of doing that. The production companies and distributors are helping to keep the DVD magazines and websites going, which is only good for the reviews industry. However, if a review has been paid for then you could be reading a glowing review of a film or DVD that is in fact very poor, a review that will influence your buying decision towards purchasing a product that will disappoint you.

This means you need to be sure that the website or magazine that you are reading actually offers genuine, unbiased DVD reviews written by genuine fans of film and television who don’t have any hidden agendas, allegiances or motives for promoting one DVD over another. Only when you find a reviews website that offers genuine reviews can you be sure that what you’re reading is trustworthy and accurate, as opposed to some carefully crafted sales piece masquerading as a DVD review.